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    LANGFANG WANMAO HEAT INSULATION MATERIAL CO.,LTD is located in Beijing, Tianjin, the Bohai Economic Circle in the heart , is a professional production and sales of PVC curtain stainless steel suspension system of the enterprise , founded in 1991 , a total investment of 20 million yuan , covers an...
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  • Why we use the PVC Strip Curtains

    In doorways, at work sites, and as partitions of production and Storage spaces the strip curtains give efficient protection against draught, dust, steam, noise and splashes because they only open just the amount required for passing through. The strip curtain is a wall that allows passing through...
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  • PVC Strip Curtains, Doors & Industrial PVC Strips

    Advantages : These pvc strip doors reduces heat or cold air loss. Restricts movements of air pollutants such as (dust / dirt / smoke / fumes / draughts). Admits light. Isolates noisy machinery. Increase employee confort by keeping temperature & humidity under control. Minimum maintenance...
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  • What Materials Are Usually Used For Door Curtains?

    What Materials Are Usually Used For Door Curtains?

    The thermal insulation effect of cotton curtain is good, but it is not very beautiful and very practical. At present, the so-called soft door curtain in the market refers to: PVC door curtain, which is mainly processed by PVC and plasticizer as the main raw materials. The quality processed is dif...
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  • How to use PVC door curtain correctly and prolong its service life

    How to use PVC door curtain correctly and prolong its service life

    1, do not contact with sharp hard PVC soft curtain, so as not to scratch the impact of beauty. 2, the use of soft PVC curtain need to be cleaned to ensure that clean, in the cleaning can be used with clean water and dishcloth to wipe, prohibit long-term immersion in water, do not use acid-base cl...
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  • Introduction of magnetic self-priming soft door curtain

    Magnetic soft curtain uses high quality soft glass, soft glass is surrounded by a magnet bar, the curtain can realize magnetic closure, the curtain material transparency is high, the frame is narrow, and the atmosphere is practical, it’s a new curtain product that’s just come into fashion in the ...
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  • Summer arrived, how does PVC soft door curtain prevent ageing?

    It’s getting hotter and hotter, and it’s almost summer, and girls are already wearing sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Similarly, for most manufacturers, it is necessary to prepare for a rainy day, on their own products to protect, just like their own, today we talk ab...
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  • Magnetic soft door curtain is favored because of what characteristics

    Magnetic soft door curtain because what characteristic and be favored by all? I think in the future life of magnetic soft curtain, will be more and more favored by users, and gradually replace the ordinary soft curtain. You should know that magnetic self-priming soft curtain is mainly used for wi...
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  • PVC door curtain two years not yellowing principle

    Door curtain is used by every family, especially in the hot summer, mosquitoes are more, light is also very strong, so in the summer door curtain sales is straight up, product quality is an important guarantee. There are many kinds of door curtain styles. In summer, we usually see PVC soft door c...
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  • The world’s largest stainless steel enterprise TAIYUAN STEEL COKING PLANT FIRE!

    The world’s largest stainless steel enterprise TAIYUAN STEEL COKING PLANT FIRE! On the morning of August 21, no equipment or facilities were damaged and no casualties occurred at the coking plant of Tisco Group, the world’s largest stainless steel company. At 9:34 on August 21, the inlet line of ...
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  • welding screen PVC

          Product features:  welding screen PVC soft curtain is made of imported color masterbatch and flame retardant raw materials. There are two forms of translucency and frosting. With red, blue, yellow, abrasive and other products, it has the characteristics of isolating arc welding, line o...
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  • Insect proof soft curtain

    Product features: WANMAO orange insect proof soft curtain is manufactured with imported orange color masterbatch. There are two forms: plane and reinforcement. It has anti adhesion, softness, transparency, anti-aging, and the use of external light source to send out insect repellent light waves. ...
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